Mary Etta Dowling Bone c.1910

Meeting Mary Etta chronicles the journey of modern day housewife, Lisa van Klaveren, as she “meets” her maternal great grandmother, Mary Etta Dowling Bone, for the very first time…reading through her journals and exploring the pages of her personal cookbook.

Lisa Ann Falk van Klaveren was born in 1976 in Merrill, Wisconsin, youngest daughter of Donald Wilhelm Junior Falk (1934-2011) and Carole Grace Edstrom Falk (1937-). She now lives near Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband, Gilbert and their 3 daughters, Holland, Madison and Adelaide. Lisa is a stay-at-home mom and also enjoys designing crochet patterns under the business name, Holland Designs Crochet.

Mary Etta Dowling Bone was born on 27 February, 1882 in Fairport, Missouri, daughter of William Ernest Dowling and Harriet Beckwith (1859-1882). Her mother died on 10 November, 1882, and William Dowling remarried in 1885 to Sarah Kendall. She had one sister, Emma (born 1879) and one brother, Edwin, who was born and died in 1881. She married Frederick Ernest Bone on 10 August, 1902. They had two daughters: Harriet Louise, born 1903 and Violet Rosetta, born 1904.  Louise Rogene Edstrom Kokesh has recalled that Frederick Bone called his wife “Etta.” Mary Etta Dowling Bone died on 14 September, 1938 in Oak Park, Illinois.

Acknowledgement: A special thank you to Mr. James A. Edstrom, Professor of Library Services and History at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, (and Lisa’s first cousin). Jim has done extensive research on the family history and has provided Lisa with much of the historical information referenced in this blog. He is currently working on a history of Illinois’ admission to the Union in 1818, to be published in the next couple of years by University of Illinois Press.