Born With a Silver Spoon

January 15, 2016

I have a confession to make…I’m 39 years old and sometimes I still eat with my baby spoon. (Not very often, but sometimes I use it to eat ice cream or yogurt…and I’ve also used it to feed my own 3 daughters when they were babies.)  It’s such a pretty little silver spoon (gifted to me by the hospital where I was born in August, 1976). It has my date of birth and first name engraved on the handle. So yes, I can say I was “born with a silver spoon in my mouth.”

Growing up, my family was never wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but of course, true wealth has absolutely nothing to do with dollars, or gold…or silver spoons. We were definitely wealthy in other ways. My parents had a beautiful happy marriage, my mother was a wonderful, interesting woman (and she still is!) who taught us so many things and spent so much time with us…just talking with us and teaching us. We learned to see the world through her cheerful, positive, interesting perspective. I cannot help but see the world as my mother taught me to view it as a child. Baby Girl

As I was thinking about doing this post, I found my baby book and these cards my mother saved for me that were sent when I was born. There is one from my Grandpa Eric U. Edstrom, Sr., one from my Great Aunt Hilda Edstrom, another from my Great Aunt Ella Falk McDonald. A postage stamp was 13 cents the year I was born. 13 Cent StampReading the cards and the well-wishes…they are all full of optimism and hopes for a blessed life. My Great Aunt Ella wrote this, dated Sept 5, 1976:

“Congratulations! Happy to hear the good news. May she be a pride and joy to you always.”

As I continue to go thru Great Grandma Mary Etta’s cookbook and journals…I am realizing more and more what treasures there are to find in our pasts…in each of our family histories…and how incredibly wealthy we can be when we value them.Lisa Dwight Maryc. 1979 – Me – Lisa Ann (age 3), my brother Dwight David (almost 1) and sister Mary Louise (4.5).


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  • Reply Sarah January 15, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    We are indeed blessed to find these treasures from the past Lisa. I discover new stories of my ancestors and relatives everyday, like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and I finally realise how grateful I am to live my present life. Gratitude and kindness is what I want to learn my children.

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