Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch

December 20, 2015

Great Grandma Mary Etta’s journal entry for Wednesday, January 9, 1935:


“40° – Still cloudy/fog – Carpet for hall came – Hilda came over brought a colander – sour kraut for supper + pig tails – Roberta came up, bring loaf of bread, take music lesson – Saw Mrs. Wiggs Cabbage Patch.”

It’s often said that shared experiences build relationships. I cannot, of course, go back in time and share these events with my great grandma, but I can recreate them. Today, almost 81 years later, I can take in (parts of) the same show courtesy of Youtube. (View Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch: Part 1; Part 2)

Movie Ticket



Above is some info I found online about the cost of a movie ticket back in 1935…

What I was able to view of the movie was really entertaining; it was full of witty jokes and good, clean humor. I really enjoyed it and it’s neat to think how great grandma Mary Etta likely laughed at the same jokes I just enjoyed some 81 years later. Good humor never goes out of fashion. I’d really like to see the entire film, if I ever get the chance.

A couple things I learned from the movie…

  1. The way to matrimonial bliss is to be able to bake an amazing mince pie.
  2. Falsely entrapping a man by deceiving him about your cooking skills is quite unforgivable and could possibly lead to an annulment, especially if he himself cannot cook. (I loved the part where he added the egg – shell and all – while attempting to cook!)Mince Pie

I’ve never baked a mince pie…so I figure why not find a mince pie recipe in Mary Etta’s cookbook and give it a try? That’s what I intend to do and will share with you in my next post.

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  • Reply Jim Edstrom December 23, 2015 at 3:04 am

    I love the way events in the diary lead you to experiment with the recipes and to have new experiences like watching a movie Mary Etta saw 81 years ago. The best way to meet her is to encounter the randomness of her life.

    Hilda was Hilda Edstrom, sister of Mary Etta’s son-in-law Eric Edstrom, and Roberta was her grand-daughter, our Aunt.

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